Glass/Glass VS Glass/Gromit

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By Joey Fierro, October 14, 2014

As you all know when purchasing a water pipe, glass on glass pieces are a little more expensive then a glass on gromit piece. Why? you ask.


Well firstly a glass on glass piece is almost always better a quality of glass then glass on gromit. i.e the width/diameter and quality.


Next is the seal is  a lot better with glass on glass.


Replacing the pieces to a glass on gromit piece is a bitch! Have you ever been slowly twisting the downstem in and it breaks in your hand? Yeah it's no fun! Anybody can put a new down-stem on a glass on glass piece. It slides right in and out. The glass is also alot thicker so it doesn't break as easily.


Also the rubber used with glass on gromit is not good for u. You are smoking the fumes of it slowly melting!Not good!


Glass on gromit pieces are good for a every now and then, or as the water pipe u bring out when your clumsy friends are around. But i really recommend a glass on glass water pipe for your daily smoking.