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By Joey Fierro- October 4, 2014

Nectar Collectors:

A Nectar Collector is the first vertical vaporizer: It is made of pure glass and it is strictly for Dabs, Concentrate, Wax or Oil ( basically everything beside dry herbs). The Nectar Collector consists of 3 main parts the long mouth piece, a percolator, and a pointy end for dabbing into your favorite material. You need a high quality torch, I always tell customers to purchase one that is for cooking or making Creme Brulee, all these items are sold here at Illusions Vape Smoke Shop. Water is placed in the percolator and make sure all 3 items are securely attached. Second, you torch the pointy glass tip of the Nectar Collector and gently dab it into your product and inhale. The percolator will start bubbling and you will get a big hit of smoke, without a harsh feeling.These trendy new glass vaporizers are hard to find, because of the extensive amount of glass blowing it requires, Sour Brand for example makes some amazing Nectar Collectors and the best part is Sour is made in San Diego so if in case any piece gets broken, your collector is not totally bombed, you can buy the replacement pieces here at Illusions Vape Smoke Shop. Wax and Dabs are getting more and more popular as people start perfecting the smoking experience. Smoking is now used to treat illnesses, numb physical and emotional pains, as a mean to relax and unwind. Smoking is not only used to treat pains but also as a avocation or a recreational activity, in order to get the full effect and experience of our smoking, we must use high quality products in all aspect: high quality products, high quality glass, and high quality heating elements.