Medicalli Glass

Joe FierroComment

Medicalli Glass originated years ago in Southern California or as we now know it as SoCal. They are unique and original company because every single part of the water pipe, bong, oil rig, recycler, or pipe is made in-house. In- house means, in the building or to be more specific in the premises where all other parts are created. Medicalli has a variety of glass from Slymes, Dabbing Pieces, Oil Pieces, Plant pieces and a large extension of more. At Illusions Vape Smoke Shop we are one of the few certified retailers in San Diego, CA. We tell people to please beware of sellers who are not certified, not only can items be counterfeit but they can also have a flaw they are not telling you about. SoCal has become a place where the air is salty and the beaches are close. The smoking community is big and the creators of smoking utensils are innovative and creative. They say Southern California is the home of surfers and skaters but in my personal opinion it is the home of smoking and connection. By connection, I mean a wide and extended variety of people from all over the world come to SoCal in search of jobs, year- round amazing weather, and of course smoking. If you are a recreational smoker or a patient, San Diego, Venice Beach, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach or any place where you feel at peace to open up to the smoking community, having a good glass piece of your choice is very important that is why we recommend you to stop by Illusions Vape Smoke Shop today!