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by joey Fierro- october 30,2014

Raw rolling paper

Rolling papers are small sheets or leaves of paper. They are used for rolling cigarettes either by hand or by using a rolling machine. Rolling papers are usually made up of flax, wood pulp or rice straw. Rolling papers are nothing but a sheet or leaf of paper shaped in the form of a rectangle. One of the longer sides of the rolling paper has gum along its edges. This is used to bind in all the contents of the cigarettes. The contents include tobacco, cannabis, hash and various other herbs. Smokers from around the world can have their rolling papers custom made according to their specifications of the shape, size and the stuffing they desire for their cigarettes. 

Raw rolling papers

‘RAW’ has successfully made a major impact on the global smoking market, leaving the other companies flabbergasted. 12 years of hard, dedicated labor by the employees has finally allowed them to fabricate the most natural rolling paper one could possibly manufacture. The RAW rolling papers are natural as they are made up of non-chlorine whitened fibers, which give them their distinctive translucent natural brown color. The RAW rolling papers are watermarked with a unique patented ‘CrissCross’ watermark. RAW rolling papers are made with cutting edge, modernistic manufacturing equipment. The rolling papers are very thin. The smoker will now have the pleasure of being able to see what he is smoking as he smokes it, as the RAW rolling papers are almost transparent. The rolling papers are available in various sizes ranging from 1 ¼, King Size Slim, King Size Supreme and a whole list of other sizes, at very reasonable costs.

Notable characteristics

RAW rolling papers are 100% natural unbleached hemp cigarette rolling papers. The hemp used for the production of the rolling papers is grown and harvested using sustainable methods. RAW has asserted that the rolling papers are vegetarian friendly i.e. no form of animal-based gluten has been used during the production of the glue that holds the contents of the cigarette together. RAW rolling papers are almost tasteless, adding no unwanted flavor to the joint, making it a blissful and divine smoking experience for its smoker. Given its thin nature, one would expect the rolling paper to burn away before one gets the flavor of the contents of the cigarette. However, this is not true, RAW rolling paper burns slowly and evenly, thanks to their trademarked ‘CrissCross’ watermark.


The gum is the weakest link in the entire rolling paper. The thin line of glue is to be handled with the utmost care, as any form of excess paper will end up spoiling the entire cigarette. The other disadvantage is also an advantage. The thin rolling paper though appealing to the eye is not completely hassle free. One has to be very careful while choosing the contents of the cigarette as anything with a pointed edge will end up tearing the paper.

However, the pros outnumber the cons by a large margin and hence RAW rolling papers have been a big success. The smoking market is about to witness a natural revolution thanks to RAW.