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Illusions Vape Smoke Shop
4488 convoy st suite f
san diego, ca 92111
By Joey Fierro- october 27, 2014
San Diego Smoke Shops
San Diego´s smoke shops have gone through some major changes over the years.  They have transformed themselves from counter culture shops to vape smoke shops as Illusions..  We currently off the customer a larger selection on glass pieces.  
One of the major changes that  is the vaporizer revolution.  You can go into almost any shop and find vaporizers.  There are many brands that you can now use for plant material that work very well.  Here is a list of some good vaporizers.  
Pax by ploom, Firefly, wispr 2, Iolite, puffit, magic-flight, Arizer solo, pinnacle pro, , Ascent, da vinci, vapir no-2, and Volcano Classic.  These are all true Vaporizer.   The heating element is not touched when heating up unit.
The vaporizer is taking the place of the traditional Waterpipes