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By Joey Fierro - Sept 25- 2014

Dabbing is an amazing experience when used with care. Dabs are concentrated leaves of plant put through a glass tube and butane. This is the concentrated form of the plant, I honestly find it way too strong but it is way so fun.  Dab material is the concentrated form of tobacco, plant or tea leaves that is most times hard and sticky. Dabbing is a new and innovative way of smoking that is done by heating up a titanium or glass nail or dome (which acts as your bowl) with a high powered torch lighter, like the ones they make creme brulee with. The next step in dabbing is to use dabber tool for scooping the concentrated tobacco goo/earwax and gently touching it to the hot nail or dome and taking a deep puff. Dabbing is more expensive than regular smoking and can take more time to set up but is more potent and long lasting. Medicali makes some amazing dab pieces as well as Sour. Heavy Glass, Roor,Toro Glass are also makers of these Dab pieces. We carry all of them  at Illusions Vape Smoke Shop. Dab Glass Pieces are interchangeable with regular plant bowl pieces.  The price for a name brand Dab rig start at  $100.