Titanium/Quarts/Ceramic Nails

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Joey Fierro- October 2,2014
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Titanium/Quarts/Ceramic Nails

So with new ways of smoking comes new/upgraded accessories. The question I get a lot is "what nail is best?" Really that's a question of preference because every smoker is different. I am partial to Ceramic but i have a lot of people wanting Titanium. So i'll break them down.


 Titanium nails usually run a little more in pricing then the others. They take a little longer to get hot but they also retain their heat a lot longer, which is one of the reasons i like them. Some people say they do not like the taste they get when smoking from a Titanium nail. But the Titanium has a lot more styles out then all the others also. As you can see there are both pros and cons of using Titanium.


 Quarts nails are a good way to go. The dome less quartz is what i like. But they do not retain the heat for very long, they heat up quick though. I have had a lot of people say that they actually shattered when they got to hot. And for you clumsy smokers out there they break easily so be careful!


 Ceramic Nails are very inexpensive compared to the Titanium.  The are a great way to go if your on a budget.  They do break if you drop them.  They are dome less and also have ceramic carb caps.